Testimonials & Actual Client Photos:

I received a gift certificate for permanent makeup over a year ago.  I was reluctant to give it a try for fear of the unknown.  After receiving my permanent eyebrows I couldn’t believe how great I looked.  For years, I have avoided swimming pools, steam rooms and any other activity that would wash away my eyebrow liner.  I have very little of my natural eyebrow left.  Violetta did a fantastic job shaping my new eye brows.  I absolutely love the way I look.  I now enjoy the activities I was reluctant to do before receiving my permanent makeup.  I wish I had done this sooner.    – Rebecca D.

Waking up early, 3:30 a.m., to commute an hour and half to work was difficult enough without adding the challenge of applying the perfect eyeliner. I also did not have the patience or time to experiment, in hope of mastering the technique of applying eyeliner.  Permanent makeup was the solution I chose. Violetta De La Jara, was the aesthetician makeup artist I trusted to perform the cosmetic procedure. Violetta ensured I was relaxed and numb prior to and during the process.  Once the procedure was done, I did not have any noticeable pain or swelling, just a red tint above the makeup lines.  In fact, I went out to eat right after the procedure and went to work the next day. I have received many compliments from family and friends that my eyeliner looks perfect and how did I master the technique.  Thanks to Violetta’s talent with permanent makeup, my makeup applying time has been shortened. – Fawn C.

All my life I didn’t like the way my eyes looked – I thought they looked too small. As soon as my mother allowed me to wear makeup, eyeliner was the one thing I never left the house with.  As I became an adult, I still had the same viewpoint of my eyes. I just really thought they looked too small and with out eyeliner, I was absolutely embarrassed to go anywhere.  When I found Violetta, she encouraged me that adding permanent eyeliner could help my confidence in myself.  We decided to do a conservative line as I was still in my early 20’s and Violetta wanted to ensure I wouldn’t regret the look in my later years. She was great in my consultation to consider other factors that I was clueless about.  After the procedure I was amazed at how awesome it felt to wake up in the morning and not rush to put eyeliner on.  To this day, at age 35, I can and do confidently walk out the door with no makeup at all and still feel great about how I look.  So grateful for Violetta!! – Mary G.

I am 65 years old and have had permanent makeup for over 15 years.  With refreshing my color periodically, it helps me to feel great about how I look everyday.  – Jamie D.

Violetta is professional, yet friendly and easy to be with. I’ve been going to her for a long time and have always been totally pleased with her work and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. – Donna E.

I got my permanent eyeliner last week and she did an AMAZING JOB!!! She also does eyebrows and lips as well.  She uses numbing cream before the procedure so  it won’t hurt.  I barely felt it! If you get it, you don’t have to put makeup on anymore. Why don’t you save time and money and get the look you want without having to try daily!!!  – Yui W.

Micro-blading scars in the scalp hairline





micro blade 2 years later


Eye liner immediately after procedure


Eyeliner and eyebrows immediately after procedure


Eyebrows microblade after procedure


Eyebrows before procedure


Final eyebrows after micro blade procedure


Before Eye Liner & Eyebrow

After Eyeliner

Immediately After Procedure

Immediately After – Microblading

Final – Microblading

Final – Full Lips (Post Procedure 1 week)


Final – Eyebrows

Final – Eyebrow Design for Microblading

Male – Before Eyebrow

Male – After Eyebrow

Eye Lash Extensions

After – Permanent Color Lips

Before – Eyebrown Correction (10yrs)

After – Eyebrows Corrected

Immediately After Eyebrows

Final Eyebrows



Final Microblading Eyebrows

Color Correction/Refresh (7yrs)

Immediately After – Full Lips

Eyebrow Correction/Refresh (5 yrs)

Final Eyebrow and Mucus Liner

Final – Eyebrow & Eyeliner Refresh (6 yrs)

Immediate – Eyebrow African American

Final – Eyebrow African American


After Procedure – Eyebrows
Final Look – Eyeliner


After Procedure – Eyeliner


Final Look – Eyeliner & Eyebrows


After Procedure – Eyebrows


Final Look – Eyebrows


After Procedure – Eyebrows

Permanent Make up Lips

Permanent Make up Lips

Permanent Make up Eyebrows and Eyeliner

Permanent Make up Eyebrows and Eyeliner

Mircoblading Eyebrows Strokes

Mircoblading Eyebrows Strokes

Mircoblading Eyebrows Strokes

Mircoblading Eyebrows Strokes

Mircoblading Eyebrows Strokes

Mircoblading Eyebrows Strokes

Mircoblading Eyebrows Strokes

Mircoblading Eyebrows Strokes


Before Procedure – Eyeliner


After Procedure – Eyeliner


Final Look – Eyeliner




Eyebrow & Eyeliner










Eyebrow & Eyeliner






Eyeliner – Mucus




Eyebrow & Eyeliner






Eyebrow – After Procedure




Eyebrow & Eyeliner



Permanent Make up Eyebrows and Eyeliner

Permanent Make up Eyebrows and Eyeliner


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